Cruise in Fiji: 10 Best Ways to Save Money on a Cruise to Fiji

A beautiful holiday cruising along the Fiji island in South Pacific Ocean is truly a dream come true holiday travel anyone can ask for. The island is very popular for its beautiful landscapes, palm covered beaches, atoll with clear lagoons. Not just the destination but the journey itself is an extra ordinary experience. But as it is said good things often come at good price and so is the journey to Fiji Island by Cruise is, so we need to be more careful about the DO’s and DON’Ts while planning the amazing journey to this beautiful island.

How To Travel To Fiji For Cheap On a Cruise? Cruising in moon shimmered deep blue waters is something that cannot be missed ever but this comes at a good cost too. Here in this section we will be covering sections for Best Ways to Save Money on a Cruise to Fiji. Know how you can save on your hard earned money without sacrificing much on the trip. We have a set of Best Tips to Save Money on Cruises to Fiji that will help you in all those small detailing that you must know while you are on a Cruise to Fiji Island. Follow Best Ways to Save Money on a Cruise to Fiji:

Suva Fiji Cruise Port
Suva Fiji Cruise Port Image Credit: Cruise Mapper

Reserve Your Onboard Activities on Port Days

On board Cruise activities can always add to that extra fun on your journey. Cruise organizes a lot of such activities which generally they offer at good discounts because of less demand as most of the travelers leave from the cruise on port days to explore the destination during the day. So you can book these entire special luxury spa and other activities on Port days and save a lot on your pocket.

A little good timing can enhance the fun, try booking for such activities in advance for the morning, thus a win-win both ways; along with the on board activities  you have rest of your day left for exploring the place.

Fiji Cruise Activities: Kayak
Fiji Cruise Activities: Kayak Image Credit: Captain Cook Cruises Fiji

Spend Your Money on Tip Based on Your Budget

One of the Best Money Saving Ideas on a Cruise to Fiji – no tips or low tips. Generally services at Cruise come at a price that is inclusive of tip (which they charge as mandatory tip as a thanks gesture towards the service staff). So avoid giving further tips until and unless you are getting some exceptionally good service from the staff or try reducing the frequency and amount of the tip.

Most of the times we ignore these small gestures (tips here) but by the end of the journey we realize that all these collectively makes a good amount of expense that could have been avoided. So always remember, every penny saved is a penny earned back.

Don’t Reserve Your Shore Excursions on the Boat

Read out to know How To Travel To Fiji For Cheap On a Cruise? and Best Tips to Save Money on Cruises to Fiji. Often we book for the shore activities on the boat itself to avoid any discomfort that we think we may face while booking on the shore.

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We are not the only case of doing so, thus most of the Cruise companies collaborate with the companies that organizes these activities on the shore and offer these activities at high prices. You can avoid making such bookings while on the cruise and try exploring the place yourself. There are plenty of options to choose from even if you are a first timer to the place or coming without any advance booking.

Fiji Boat Activity
Fiji Boat Activity

Enjoy Free Activities in Suva to Save Money

The Suva capital has a lot of free and low budget activities for you while you are out for a day exploring the place. Check out our list of things to do for keeping it low on pocket.

  • Take a forest walk at Colo-i- Suva Forest Park covering Waisila Falls. Enjoy swimming the holes of Upper pool and Lower Pool, Do bird watching or enjoy a picnic in Suva’s rain-forest backyard.
  • Plan a visit to the Fiji Museum located in the center of Beautiful Thurdson Gardens. Visit the Fiji Museum in less than FJ$10 for an amazing watch of ancient cooking equipment, Musical instruments, cannibal forks, whale tooth jewellery and weapons.
  • Enjoy the delicious Fijian, Asian and Indian Cuisines at local Restaurants. Treat yourself with the amazingly delicious local Fijian cuisines at Curry House or Singh’s Curry House and so many other cheap outlets for drooling in at low cost.
Museum in Suva Fiji
Museum in Suva Fiji
  • Take a city tour is another Cheapest Ways to Travel to Fiji on a Cruise to explore the beautiful architecture and beauty of the place. Sightseeing the beautiful architecture of historic buildings like vale ne bose lawa (Fijian style Parliament House). The Suva Fiji Temple, Mariamman Temple, Grand Pacific Hotel opposite Albert Park and so much more.
  • Go shopping at Tappoo City, Damodar city, The Handicraft Centre and Suva Flea Market to buy authentic souvenirs, jewellery, clothing etc.
  • Go hiking at Mt Korobaba- Suva’s highest peak offering panoramic views of the city and the coast.
  • Take special famous Fijian Spa available all over the area.
  • Take a traditional Canoe Trip.

Avoid Currency Exchange on the Cruise

Another Best Money Saving Ideas on a Cruise to Fiji is to avoid currency exchange on the Cruise as there is a fierce competition between currency outlets. Try Getting Fijian dollars in your home country before boarding the cruise. You will save a lot in terms of high rates as charged on the cruise for currency exchange.

Fijian Dollars
Fijian Dollars

Use Internet Telephony to Call Family

Keep your phone far away from you is one of the Best Tips to Save Money on Cruises to Fiji, while you are on the cruise avoid using and calling, as internet and calling services are very high at sea. Try using offline apps for your trip reference needs. Once you are in Fiji, a lot of easy and heap internet services are available.

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Vodafone SIM Card in Fiji
Vodafone SIM Card in Fiji

Save Money on Drink and Food

A lot can be saved by booking restaurant and bar packages available in restaurants to treat the foodie in you rather than sticking just to the Buffet option available at on board restaurant for the comfort.

Save Money by Eating Onshore

Explore the place to get the best option of tasting delicious Fijian Cuisines and other Asian and Indian Cuisines. By eating onshore you can save a lot over the expense of having food on-board restaurant. Tiko’s Floating Bar, Governor’s, Eden Bistro & Bar (for seafood), Singh curry house (for Indian Cuisines), are just a few names from a big list of Restaurant options available for authentic yet low on price food.

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Nadi City Centre
Nadi City Centre Image Source:

Avoid Buying Onboard Photographs

Mingle with fellow travelers, let them click for you and you click for them or take your photos on your own other than opting for photo crews at the ship. You will save a lot of dollars over the extra cost offered by the on ship Photo crew.

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Purchase Souvenirs Onshore

Shopping in local market is one of the Cheapest Ways to Travel to Fiji on a Cruise to Fiji. Spare some time to buy Souvenirs from the local markets. You will save a lot over the overpriced themed Souvenirs available on Cruise for retail.

Go for shopping on shore and support the economy. Try shopping at Fijian Handicraft and Municipal Handicraft Center at Suva or Handicraft Market at Nadi. You will save a lot of dollars and will get authentic designs by local artisans.

Suva Local Market
Suva Local Market Image Credit: Fiji Tourism Official Website

How much does it cost to take a cruise to Fiji?

How Much Does a Fiji Ocean Cruise Cost? For many of the larger cruise lines such as Carnival, Fiji ocean cruises cost around $700 per person for a 10-12-day journey.

Where do cruise ships dock in Fiji?

Suva. A large part of the international shipping of Fiji is conducted at Kings Wharf (Suva). Also there dock international cruise ships, resulting in significant growth in travel tourism industry.

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