Fiji Arrival Tips and Advice: Fiji Airports Biosecurity and Customs

Nadi Fiji Airport

Biosecurity and Customs in Fiji plays an important role during your arrival. Before arrival to this beautiful country, we strongly suggests you to read our arrival tips and advice properly. If you are travelling with kids, you should try to make your trip more hassle-free by reading our tips and guide on how to handle customs in Fiji airports.

Planning to visit Fiji Islands? It is an ideal location for those tourists who wish to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. There are certain things you must know before traveling to Fiji.

Nadi Fiji Airport
Nadi Fiji Airport Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Arrival Tips and Norms for Visitors in Fiji:

Although, the norms and restrictions of traveling to Fiji may irritate you to an extent, it is worth the visit for various other reasons. The security and restrictions are only to maintain the beauty of this gorgeous island so that you travel again.

As long as you are honest and truthful with the immigration and customs, you do not have to worry about anything.

Certain procedures that you may have to undergo while traveling to Fiji are as follows:

  • A Passenger Arrival Card that will be handover to you on boarding the flight by your in-house flight staff.
  • You will have to pass through the Passport Control authorities and Passenger Arrival Card.
  • After passing the norms, collect your luggage from the Baggage Claim Area.
  • You may also have to pass the first stage of Bio-security by a verbal declaration items and handover the Passenger Arrival Card to the airport authorities.
  • Pass your luggage through the Bio-security X-Rays procedure.
  • After all the formalities are completed, you are all set to a perfect vacationing in Fiji!

What is a Passenger Arrival Card? Read Basic Info

You will be handed over a Passenger Arrival Card before your journey commences for Fiji. It is like a declaration that includes the norms of customs in Fiji. The form usually has details on both the sides of the card. Every person including children must have a Passenger Arrival Card.  The card is in English so won’t have difficult filling the same.

Passenger Arrival Card Fiji
Passenger Arrival Card Fiji

The basic details in the Passenger Arrival Card include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Passport Number
  • Occupation
  • Flight Number or Name of Ship

Tick the correct options from multiple questions on the same card. Also, mention the main reason for visiting Fiji (whether it is business, leisure, etc). Most questions will be in a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option only. These questions hold information related to the items you are carrying in luggage.

Fiji Passenger Arrival Card
Fiji Passenger Arrival Card

What is a Biosecurity Test?

Once you land in Fiji, international securities will handover to you your Passenger Arrival Card. It is usually given to you at the Nadi International Airport. Keep the card and passport handy for the basic inspection and check on arrival at Fiji Island. You may be asked the same questions that you have answered to ensure that you have ticked the answers properly.

If you had selected the Health & Biosecurity options on the Passenger Arrival Card, you will undergo inspection of your Baggage at the Baggage Claim Area. Take your luggage to the Biosecurity Inspection and Claim Area. There will be signs at this section that reminds you of what you need to declare to the Biosecurity inspection officers.

Biosecurity Checking Point in Fiji
Biosecurity Checking Point in Fiji Image Source:

Items to be declared to the Biosecurity are:

  • Weapons
  • Cigarettes, Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Goods for commercial use and not for personal use
  • Personal goods that extend FJ$1,000 (the amount does not include personal items accepted in the baggage)
  • Currency value of FJ$10,000 or more
  • Animals, reptiles, and aquatic animals or birds
  • Any kind of animal products
  • Biological tools
  • Camping materials and sports gear
  • Soil, rocks, and shells
  • Holy water and human ash
  • Forest or hunting objects
  • Clothing made of animal skin, fur, or hair
  • Medicines and drugs that are not permissible or prescribed
  • Drone and paperwork related to similar items

Risks of not permissible or prohibited goods found in your luggage:

It is wise to dispose off any goods that are prohibited to carry in Fiji before the customs or Biosecurity check. Put it in the bin or simply ask the Biosecurity officer if you are unsure of any item in your luggage.

Risks of undeclared items in your luggage:

If any item is found through the Biosecurity check, you may be fined instantly FJ$400 and will also be liable in the eyes of Fiji law. In certain strict cases, you will be prosecuted with a fine of FJ$20,000 and an imprisonment of up to 6 months.

Fiji Airport Baggage Services and Enquiries
Fiji Airport Baggage Services and Enquiries Image Source: ATS Fiji

Risks of carrying declared prohibited item:

If you have declared an item that is unfit or unsafe to carry in Fiji by the Biosecurity officers, then you may have to pay for the risks taken. It would be wise to destroy the items immediately or return it in your homeland with the help of Biosecurity officers at your own expense.

If there are any doubts or queries related to your arrival in Fiji or any questions related to Biosecurity check, do contact the airport staff in advance and get it sorted.

You surely wish to avoid any sort of confusion or hassle at the time of arrival at Fiji airport. We wish you a happy journey in Fiji. Make the most of your holidays in this gorgeous island

How many airports are in Fiji?

Fiji is home to 25+ domestic airports. With the exception of Nadi and Nausori International Airports, the domestic airports in Fiji are very basic with limited facilities. In fact, only four out of all of Fiji’s airports have paved runways!

Who owns Nadi Airport?

Owned and operated by Fiji Airports Limited, It is the main hub of Fiji Airways and its domestic and regional subsidiary Fiji Link. The airport is located at Namaka 10 km from the city of Nadi and 20 km from the city of Lautoka. In 2019, it handled 2,485,319 passengers on international and domestic flights.

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