Does Fiji have mountain ranges?

Does Fiji have mountain ranges?

Two mountain ranges running north and south of the plateau form the major divide, and the northern range contains Mount Victoria, at 1,424 meters the highest point in Fiji. Other mountain ranges above 600 meters separate the island into four upland areas that are heavily dissected by rivers.

Is Fiji a volcanic island?

Based on a submerged platform of ancient formation, the Fiji islands are largely the product of volcanic action, sedimentary deposit, and formations of coral. Viti Levu has an area of about 4,000 square miles (10,000 square km) and accounts for more than half of Fiji’s land area.

What type of geographic feature is Fiji?

Fiji is a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific, lying about 4,450 kilometres (2,765 mi) southwest of Honolulu and 1,770 km (1,100 mi) north of New Zealand. Of the 332 islands and 522 smaller islets making up the archipelago, about 106 are permanently inhabited.

Where is Fiji located geographically?

South Pacific Ocean

What physical features does Fiji have?

– Islands. More than 330 islands make up Fiji, and many species of animals and plants on the islands are endemic to Fiji, found nowhere else in the world. … – Mountains. … – Volcanoes. … – Coral Reef.

What is the physical geography of Fiji?

Covered in dense tropical rainforest, the islands feature mountainous terrain with heavy annual rainfall frequent to the south-eastern side. The lowlands of the western coast are sheltered by mountainous peaks and experience a dry season perfect for local sugarcane crops.

What country owns Fiji Islands?

After nearly a century as British colony, Fiji became independent in 1970. Today Fiji has one of the most developed economies of the Pacific islands. Government: Type: Parliamentary Democracy.

How many mountains do Fiji have?

There are 895 named mountains in Fiji. The highest and the most prominent mountain is Voma.

Is Fiji still under British rule?

The United StatesThe United StatesU.S. Refugee Admissions Program Since the passage of the Refugee Act in 1980, which incorporated this definition of refugee into the INA, the United States has admitted more than 3.1 million refugees.Refugee Admissions – United States Department of State maintained a consular presence in Fiji before the island chain became a Crown colony within the British Empire in 1874. Fiji gained independence from British rule in October 1970 and established a parliamentary democracy.

Are there any deserts in Fiji?

There are no deserts on Fiji.

Is Fiji a mountain?

Continent Pacific Ocean———————– ————————————– Highest point Mount Tomanivi 1,324 metres (4,344 ft) Lowest point Pacific Ocean 0 mExclusive economic zone 1,282,978 km2 (495,361 sq mi).

What is the physical geography of Suva Fiji?

Geography and physical characteristics Suva is located around a harbour on a hilly peninsula in the southeast corner of Viti Levu Island, between Laucala Bay and Suva Harbour. The mountains to its north and west catch the southeast trade winds, producing year-round moist conditions.

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