Fiji Holiday with Kids: 10 Best Health and Safety Tips for Hassle Free Trip

Holidaying with children is the most exciting thing to do as they have so much energy that you don’t get bored or tired to explore the place. Fiji is an ideal destination to travel with little ones. The place is loaded with exciting activities for kids that they will love the most.

Many families plan their trip to Fiji with Toddlers. You must know the in and out of traveling with little ones so that you make the most of your holiday.

Best Safety Tips for Travelling in Fiji with Kids:

Let us help you with everything that you must know while traveling to Fiji with children, especially toddlers. With little tips and precautions on the parental part, do not forget to let your baby explore the gorgeous wonders of Fiji and enjoy this magical land.

Bring Your Favourite Baby Formula:

Although, there are plentiful of stores and supermarkets to pick your baby formula, it would be wise to pick your child’s preferred brand. Change in place and change in taste may lead to bowel disruptions in the baby.

Let the trip of Fiji with Toddlers have no compromise on the food habits. Travelling to Fiji with a toddler could be exciting and peaceful at the same time if he/she is fed happily.

Take Care of Your Kids from Heat:

Fiji has a tropical climate and thus, you must be careful about the sunburn or heat strokes on your child. Pick a high quality and reputed sunscreen suitable for children.

A UV protection shield moisturizer and sunglasses is another ideal thing to carry along.  Babies’ skin is very soft and thus it would be wise to travel as much as you can in shady areas of Fiji.

Bring Thermometer and Baby Electrolytes:

The extreme climate of Fiji often causes dehydration in children. Make thermometer and baby electrolytes a part of your safety kid in the travel bag. Remember, precaution than cure is the Best Safety Tips for Travelling in Fiji with Kids. Keep other important items like ear plugs, baby sipper, rash cream and stomach ache medicine always with you.

Confirm About Life Jackets for Your Kids:

Keep your child’s life-jacket handy with you always. These are readily available at the water parks and beaches. Always ask from them a life jacket before you explore any water sport activity with your child. Some centers may not remind of this and so you will have to be proactive here for the safety of your child.

Make Sure Proper Vaccinations:

A healthy and vaccinated child is always a part of Essential Tips for Travelling to Fiji with Children. Ensure that your child has undergone all the necessary vaccine if he or she is over five years. Seek medical advice from your family physician and confirm the readiness of the trip.

Proper medical guidance before commencing the journey could be the Best Health Tips for Travelling in Fiji with Kids. Ideally, any vaccine takes about 3 to 4 weeks to show results; thus plan your journey accordingly.

Take Travel Insurance Against Illness:

Make sure that your child’s insurance is covered for any sort of illness by your insurance company. Get it cleared beforehand and do include the unlikely events that could arise during your travel, hotel or the journey.

Bring or Take Baby Mosquito Nets:

Protect your angel from the irritable mosquito bites. You don’t want them to forget the day’s adventure they had with you by these mosquito bites that will spoil their mood and peace of mind. Perhaps, carrying a mosquito net would be a wiser thing. Mosquito nets fall under the Best Health Tips for Travelling in Fiji with Kids.

What If He/She Lost, Have a Plan:

Fiji has amazing number of options in kids’ clubs, babysitting centers, and day care. Thus, it is most unlikely that you will lose the sight of your child in an unsafe condition. However, considering it an unknown place, you surely wish to take extra precaution with the use of GPS tracker and smart watches attached to your child’s clothes or wrist.

Teach Them Some Basic Safety Tips:

Children are smarter and wiser than we think. Teaching them some basics of traveling comes under Essential Tips for Travelling to Fiji with Children. Let them memorize your contact number to reach if they lose track of you, ask them to make a call only from a supermarket and stay where they are, let them carry their essentials such as the sunscreen, shades, and caps.

Do Not Leave Them Alone:

One of the most important Tips to enjoy the Fiji Islands with kids is that you do not leave them alone at any cost. Holidaying is a wish come true for most of us and we often forget to keep an eye on our children, especially when we are engrossed in shopping or talking to strangers.

The best thing to do would be to assign the role and keep switching the roles between partners. Let you do the shopping while the partner travels with kids and vice versa the next time.

Hope you follow these Tips to enjoy the Fiji Islands with kids and make every moment in Fiji the best!

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