Fiji vs Bali: Which is better for couples and holiday makers?

Which is better for a holiday, Fiji or Bali? Fiji and Bali, both are wonderful destination choices for holidaymakers, and honeymooners. Where should I go next, Fiji or Bali? Blessed with mesmerizing locales, beaches, and immense serenity, both Bali and Fiji serenity a and Fiji give you a tough choice to make. And coming to a decision-  Is Bali or Fiji better? Or, What’s better Bali or Fiji? Is quite a deal to handle, but we have certain criteria
to sort your decisions for your next holiday destination.

So, what you can expect in this article is the weightage of several pointers that is based on your preference and priorities while planning your holiday. Bali is a beautiful island located in Indonesia whereas Fiji, is an island country located in the South Pacific with an archipelago of more than 300 islands. Let’s scroll down to understand few pointers that will make it easy to pick a destination and plan your dream vacation.

Beaches and Natural Surroundings

In Fiji, there are beaches all around! Pearly white peaches that feel like the epitome of luxury are no less in number, unlike other luxuries. If you want to stay at a resort near the beach, there is no fuss about it here, as easy as they are to find, they don’t compromise a thing that should make your experience one of the most memorable! From overwater bungalows to the cleanest beach sides, turquoise blue lagoons, you shall find your experience no less than the most luxurious! You will soon get used to seeing marine life without even looking for it, it’s like serendipity! The beaches aren’t that crowded either! If that’s not a win-win, we don’t know what is!

On the other hand, Bali, sure has its luxuries, but if you want a good experience on beaches, Bali may not be your kind of place. The beaches aren’t clean enough for you to be able to enjoy without getting worried about germs and hygiene.


If food is one of the preferences which we feel we all always look for while visiting new places, here is our simple comparison for you. In Bali, the cuisine is mostly either international cuisines or if you talk about destination-based, it is comprised of noodles, rice, and fried dishes. There are a lot of famous hotels and cafes in Bali that keeps in mind the choices and taste preference of travelers from other locations.

Coming to Fiji, if you are in the mood to try exotic seafood and tropical cuisines, Fiji is a true delight to your senses. You get a choice of Chinese Fijian, Indian Fijian, and traditional Fijian cuisines apart from popular international cuisines. Fiji offers a rich tropical food base in terms of fruits, salads, and beverages made from these exotic fruit collections, so if food is one of the criteria of your dream vacation Fiji is definitely the right choice for you.

Night Life, Clubs, Bars

Specifically, if nightlife is the only main agenda for your holiday mood, Bali scores the chart. It has numerous beach bars, nightclubs, lounges that can take care of the party animal inside you very well. You can also consider these spots in Bali for a fantastic nightlife – Uluwatu, Kuta, Canggu, and several more. We don’t say Fiji has no nightlife, Fiji also has a nightlife but with a different touch. There are several popular nightclubs in Fiji in Suva, Nadi and Viti Levu, and more islands that offer a perfect night out to travelers and holidaymakers. Basically, Bali has plenty of options for nightlife and party-goers and on the other hand, Fiji has some of the popular nightclubs and bars but a choice in comparison to Bali is less.

Honeymoon Destination

If you are clubbing your honeymoon destination with other holiday choices like shopping, adventure, cultural insight, nightclubs, and luxuries, Bali is the destination for you. But if you are looking for a perfect romantic private holiday, over water stays or beachside stays, beach time, water excursions, cruising, couple massages, romantic beachtime or over the water dinners and lunches, Fiji is the place for you. Fiji makes up for a perfect honeymoon destination or a couples destination as it gives you plenty of romantic getaways to enjoy with your partner in perfect privacy and the beauty of natural surroundings.

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