Fiji vs Hawaii: Your Favorite Vacation Destinations Are Compared

Which is better for a holiday, Fiji or Hawaii? Both Fiji and Hawaii are counted amongst the best holiday destinations in the world and coming to a decision ‘Is Hawaii or Fiji better?’ is quite a tough decision unless you consider few pointers that we have compiled in this article. To begin with, both Fiji and Hawaii offer a fantastic getaway for adventure lovers. Now about the archipelago, Fiji Island is made up of 333 tropical islands located at a few hours’ distances to the East Coast of Australia, and Hawaii is made up of mainly 6 main islands that are in the Central Pacific. What’s better Hawaii or Fiji?

Fiji is considered the Soft Coral Capital of the World, it offers mesmerizing views of shiny turquoise lagoons, shiny palm-lined beaches, immense opportunities to explore over the water, and underwater activities. While Hawaii offers some of the best hiking, trekking, and surfing opportunities including hiking up at an active volcano. Still confused, Where should I go next, Fiji or Hawaii? Let’s jump to these easy pointers that can help you in comparing and choosing the ideal holiday destinations for you between Fiji And Hawaii. Let’s See!

Holiday for Relaxation

Both Hawaii and Fiji offer fabulous accommodations loaded with the finest amenities as per the hospitality standards. However, if relaxation and rejuvenation come to the top of your holiday bucket list, Fiji is the destination for you. In Fiji, you can enjoy on beach spa with your loved ones or a lot of relaxing massage and spa opportunities.  The archipelago of Fiji is made up of volcanic islands which means it offers natural hot springs for you to have the therapeutic mineral water dips. If you are fascinated by the  Mud Pool bath experience, Fiji gives you the best choices to lay off your stress and anxiety. Coat yourself in the thick mud and then soak yourself in the natural hot springs, surely one of the most transformative experiences of life.

Night Clubs, Malls, and Shopping Destinations

If a holiday to you means partying hard at nightclubs, tiki bars, or if shopping international brands and a stay in a lavish huge hotel tops up your agenda, Hawaii is the destination for you. It doesn’t mean that Fiji doesn’t have these, Fiji also has some happening nightclubs like Cloud 9, Traps Bar, Musket Cove Yacht Club Island Bar, Ice Bar, and O’Reillys. However, if you are looking for a more modernized or western holiday experience Hawaii is the destination you can book for. If you are going on a honeymoon and looking for a happening nightlife experience, we suggest Maui in Hawaii as a great holiday destination for all the above-mentioned fun.

Best Destination for Honeymoon

Clearly, both Hawaii and Fiji are the best destinations to start your marital journey with a bang but at Fiji, you can enjoy a more secluded and personalized holiday experience. There are several adults-only resorts that offer the best arrangements for honeymooners to have a romantic and private holiday experience. Along with natural wonders, Fiji offers better honeymoon experiences in terms of couple spas, dining experiences, private beaches, and water excursions. Fiji is made up of over 300 islands, you can even book a private island to surprise your love and have the best honeymoon experience.

Cultural Exploration

Where Hawaii shows influences of Western Culture, Fiji offers an authentic and traditional glimpse of rich Polynesian Cultural. You can enjoy traditional feasts like the Fijian Lovo feast, an ancient religious ceremony at Beqa Island, acts of Beqa Firewalkers, black pearl shopping and exploration, Polynesian Folk dances, traditional Fijian hospitality, and a lot more.

Water Activities

While Hawaii offers some of the best surfing experiences to holidaymakers, Fiji is the place to be for water excursions both under the water and over the water. From an exploration of the largest soft coral to Manta Rays through snorkeling to waterfalls, kayaking along the coast, banana boats, sailing at Hobie cats, diving, and surfing, Fiji offers a wide range of water activities all over the year.

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