Fiji Weather in July: Sea Temperature, Hours of Sun, Rainfall

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Fiji Islands, the beautiful country of Oceania makes a perfect holiday destination for all. The Island country is a group of more than 330 islands with luscious beaches, blue lagoons and exotic waterfalls. The Island country is not just famous for its natural scenery but also for its private luxurious resorts and rejuvenating Fijian Spas.

Planning a vacation to beautiful Fiji Islands in July! Lets us take a pleasure to share with you the climatic condition prevailing in the month of July so that you can go prepared for a wonderful time. In this section we will be sharing the details of weather conditions in July in Fiji. Fiji Weather in July marks the beginning of winter season. Wondering how you can enjoy water sports in Fiji? Fiji winter season is unlike extreme winter season of other regions, you can experience warm and cozy temperature during day time and cool breezes in the evening. Read further to know more about Average Weather in July in Fiji.

Fiji Weather in July
Fiji Weather in July

Average Temperatures in July

The month of July sees a perfect blend of hot and cold climate in Fiji. Fiji Weather in July is less humid and hot. You can enjoy pretty good hours on beach during day time. Average Weather in July in Fiji is recorded at Maximum of 26° C/ 78° F and Minimum of 20° C/ 68° F during night time. Refer below two areas average temperatures for more understanding:

  • Nadi: Max 28.5° C/ 83.3° F and Min 18.3° C/ 64.9° F
  • Suva: Max 26.5° C/ 79.7° F and Min 20.4° C/ 68.7° F

Sea Temperature in July

Sea Temperature in July in Fiji sees an average of the usual temperature at 26° C/ 79° F. Sea water is cozy and comfortable enough for your water fun activities.

Fiji Weather in July
Fiji Weather in July

Hours of Sun in July

Considering the change in season from summer to winter; there a mild dip in daylight hours in the month of July. You don’t have to worry much you still get 11 daylight hours with 5 Hours of Sun in July in Fiji.

Rainfall in July

The month of July is considered as the driest month in Fiji Islands. You won’t experience much rainfall in this month; Rainfall in July in Fiji sees an average of 70 mm of rainfall with 15 rainy days in whole of the Fiji Islands. Refer below info of Average recorded rainfall of two main cities:

  • Nadi: Average rainfall of 46mm with 5 rainy days
  • Suva: Average rainfall of 142 mm with 18 rainy days

Tropical Storms in July

There are very rare chances of Tropical Storms in the month of July in Fiji Islands as it doesn’t fall under South Pacific Cyclone season which starts in the month of November and lasts till April. So, you can go without fear of facing Tropical Storms during the month of July.

Is it a good time to go to Fiji in July?

July and August offer the best chance of great weather with minimal rain. The average temperature lingers at 26°C and there are just five days of precipitation each month.

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