Fiji Weather in June: Sea Temperature, Hours of Sun, Rainfall

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A holiday in Fiji Islands is like a dream come true. The fantastic tropical climate of the Fiji Island attracts tourist from all over the World. The beautiful scenic ocean views, lush green forests, lovely waterfalls and outstanding resorts, Fiji Islands is like a perfect holiday package, a true tourist delight. Though the island country is an all year favorite destination but the month of June is one of the best months of the year to visit Fiji Islands.

In this section we will help you understand the weather conditions in Fiji in the month of June.  Fiji Weather in June is perfect fusion of best of both the seasons. You can experience comfortable warm days and cozy cool evenings and just the perfect sea temperature for enjoying water sports and pools. Read further to know more about Average Weather in June in Fiji.

Fiji Weather in June
Fiji Weather in June

Average Temperatures in June

Average Weather in June in Fiji is recorded at a temperature of maximum of 26.5° C/ 80° F during day time and minimum of 21° C/ 70° F at night. The temperature is comfortable warm during day time; however you can feel a little cold if around sea, as evening in the month of June get gentle cool breezes. Here we are mentioning average temperatures of two main cities for your better understanding of the prevailing weather conditions in the month of June:

  • Nadi: Average Maximum at 29.2° C/ 84.6° F
  • Average Minimum at 19.3° C/ 66.7° F
  • Suva: Average Maximum at 27.6° C/ 81.7° F
  • Average Minimum at 21.4° C/ 70.5° F

Sea Temperature in June

Sea Temperature in June in Fiji comes at an average of 26.5° C/ 80° F. So if you are a water lover, Fiji Islands in the month of June is just the perfect time for your water cravings, you can experience a wonderful time enjoying scuba diving, snorkeling or surfing in Fiji in the month of June.

Fiji Weather in June
Fiji Weather in June

Hours of Sun in June

You can experience an average of bright 6 Hours of Sun in June in Fiji with 11 hours of day light. The month of June offers perfect bright sunny day hours along with the fun of cool cozy evening for your perfect vacation in beautiful Fiji.

Rainfall in June

The month of June is considered as one of the driest months of the year, so you can expect very little rainfall in Fiji Islands during this time. Rainfall in June in Fiji comes at an average of 60 mm with 4 rainy days throughout the month. Read below the comparison of average rainfall recorded at two different areas:

  • Nadi: 62 mm with 6 rainy days
  • Suva: 164 mm with 18 rainy days

Tropical Storms in June

The month of June rarely sees tropical storms in Fiji, so you can go without worrying much to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful holiday in Fiji Islands with your loved ones. Fiji weather in June is surely going to give you a perfect tropical experience of this wonderful Island country.

Is June a good time for Fiji?

Fiji is a year-round destination with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The most popular time to visit is between May and October when the weather is at its best – think blue skies, low humidity and little to no rain.

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