Fiji Weather in March: Sea Temperature, Hours of Sun, Rainfall

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Planning for a great vacation in Fiji in the month of March? Wondering Is it best time to visit Fiji in March? Indeed, March is a great month to visit for travelers who are looking for affordable trips and peaceful stays away from the crowded resorts. As the month of March is less popular among tourist owing to the Rainfall in Fiji in March, you can save a lot of expense during this time in terms of booking for stays, flights and Cruises. Unlike peak seasons you can get great accommodations at cheaper rates.

In this section we will be jotting all the details to help you know what the weather is in March in Fiji. March in Fiji is the wettest time of the year as it falls in the middle of the wet season. You can expect rains on most of the days of the month. You can still enjoy plenty of good time as these heavy downpours come quick and go followed by hot sun again which means  you can get good Hours of Sun in March in Fiji after heavy rain bursts. Continue reading to know more about Fiji Weather in March.

Fiji Weather in March
Fiji Weather in March

Typical Temperatures in March

You can experience a true tropical holiday in Fiji in the month of March. The month of March comes in summer season which means you will find a hot and humid climate in Fiji. Fiji Weather in March sees an average temperature of maximum 31 ° C/ 89 ° F during daytime and temperature of minimum 23 ° C/ 73 ° F during night time. Average temperatures recorded at two main cities are listed below for your quick reference:

  • Nadi- Max 31.1 ° C / 88 ° F and Min 23 ° C / 73.4 ° F
  • Suva- Max 31 ° C / 87.8 ° F and Min 23.8 ° C / 74.8 ° F

Sea Temperature in March

The month of March sees the highest Sea temperature of about 29 ° C/ 84 ° F yet it offers an invigorating break from hot day temperatures.

Fiji Weather in March
Fiji Weather in March

Hours of Sun in March

The Island gets good 5 Hours of Sun in March in Fiji despite of rains.  You can get pretty good time enjoying sun bathing as on an average 12 hours of daylight is seen in Fiji.

Rainfall in March

As the month of March comes in the mid of the wet season in Fiji you can experience frequent but short intense downpours especially in the afternoons. Rainfall in Fiji in March is recorded at 356 mm with about 22 rainy days. However, rainfall is unevenly distributed, which means few parts of Fiji like Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and Taveuni receives maximum rainfall. You can enjoy your stay in Fiji on outer islands like Yasawas and Mamanucas as they get less rainfall as compared to other parts in Fiji.

Tropical Storms in March

The month of March is more prone to get tropical storms as it falls in the South Pacific cyclone season which starts in November and ends in April. Fiji had experienced six tropical storms in the March month of year 2017-18. You must check the update on cyclone in Fiji before heading for Fiji or else can postpone holiday till the dry season.

Is it a good time to go to Fiji in March?

The rainy season is the low season for travel to Fiji, and March is generally a quiet month. You won’t see too many other travelers, so this is a great time to visit if you’re on a tight budget or seeking a romantic getaway with beaches (almost) to yourself.

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