Fiji Weather in May: Sea Temperature, Hours of Sun, Rainfall

A vacation in Fiji is like a dream vacation. The warm tropical weather, white sand beaches, jungle rivers and authentic culture of Fiji makes it a perfect holiday getaway. Fiji enjoys a tropical climate year round. Planning a vacation in this beautiful island country in the month of May? Fiji Weather in May is one of the best to plan a vacation. Month of May marks the beginning of dry season with hot summer temperatures. Fiji Weather in May is truly a comfortable tropical climate to enjoy hot sunny days and cool nights. In fact it is just the perfect time to enjoy beaches and get indulged in Fiji’s famous scuba diving, surfing and many other activities.

With perfect sea temperature and sunny weather, the month of May is one of the perfect times to spend a great vacation in beautiful Fiji Islands. In this section we are guiding you with what is the weather in May in Fiji and is it best time to visit Fiji in May?

Fiji Weather in May
Fiji Weather in May

Typical Temperatures in May

Fiji Weather in May sees a changeover from summer to winter. Climate is typically hot with equitable humidity levels throughout the day. But you can see a nice drop in night temperatures to enjoy cool cozy nights. Average temperature during day time reaches to maximum of 31 degree Celsius and minimum of 19 degree Celsius during night. Average temperature recorded at two famous cities is listed below for your quick reference:

  • Nadi – Max 29.8° C/ 85.6° F and Min 20.1° C/ 68.2° F
  • Suva- Max 28.3° C/ 82.9° F and Min 21.9° C/ 71.4° F

Sea Temperature in May

The sea temperature in the month of May is same warm as rest of the year with average temperature of 27 degree Celsius.

Hours of Sun in May  

Experience plenty of bright Hours of Sun in May in Fiji as Island receives plenty of sunshine in the month of May.  Enjoy sun bathing in bright sunshine on beaches, you can experience bright 6 hours of Sun in May in Fiji each day and an average of 11 daylight hours during the month of May.

Fiji Weather in May
Fiji Weather in May

Rainfall in May

Though the month of May is mostly considered as dry month but still you can experience few days with heavy Rainfall in Fiji in May. You can plan a beautiful vacation in the month of May as mostly weather is sunny throughout the month except for few rainy days.  You can experience an average of 157 mm of Rainfall in Fiji in May for 8 days approximately.

Tropical Storms in May

Though there are very less chances that Fiji experiences tropical storms in May as the South Pacific Cyclone season starts in November and ends in April but still there is no guarantee for it considering uncertainties of weather. The month of May do hold a history of facing one of the biggest tropical storms back in the year of 1997 and 2017.

Is May a good time to visit Fiji?

May. The best time of year to visit Fiji is during May. Not only will you score cheaper flights and accommodation at this time of year, but you’ll also enjoy clear sunny skies with low chances of rain and high temperatures, making this the best time for outdoor activities.

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