Fiji Weather in October: Sea Temperature, Hours of Sun, Rainfall

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A trip to Fiji Islands is like living a beautiful dream. Though the beautiful island is any time and all time favorite destinations of travelers, but the month of October has a special place on their list. Fiji Weather in October is considered as one of the best months for planning a vacation to this stunning island destination. Owing to cozy warm temperatures, soothing ocean breezes and dry climate, Fiji Weather in October gives a perfect feel of an ecstatic tropical holiday.

Fiji islands is less crowded in the month of October, thus give another reason to savvy travelers to pack up their bags and plan a trip around October. Because of less demand, you can get a good bargain on accommodation expense. Also, flight rates are comparatively low as compared to other months. In this article we will be assisting you with more info on Average Weather in October in Fiji.

Fiji Weather in October
Fiji Weather in October

Average Temperatures in October

Average Weather in October in Fiji is dry and much cooler than other summer months. The temperature is comfortable, cozy and dry. No chances of rain thus less humidity, another favorable factor worth considering for tourists. The average temperature sees the maximum at 27 ° C/ 81 ° F and minimum at 21 ° C/69 ° F during nights mostly. Average recorded temperature of two main cities of Fiji for your quick reference is mentioned below:

  • Nadi – Maximum 30.2 ° C/86.4 ° F
  • Minimum 20.4 ° C/ 68.7 ° F
  • Suva – Maximum 27.8 °C/ 82 ° F
  • Minimum 21.7 ° C/ 71.1 ° F

Sea Temperature in October

Sea Temperature in Fiji in October sees an average of 26 ° C/ 79 ° F. The water is usually warm throughout the year making the place an ideal destination for water sports and activities.

Fiji Weather in October
Fiji Weather in October

Hours of Sun in October

You can experience good 5.5 Hours of Sun in Fiji in October. The climate is dry and cool yet you can get plenty of sunshine each day in the month of October.

Rainfall in October

Though the month of October comes under dry season but Fiji rains are uncertain during dry month of October too. However, you can expect little rain on the western side of Viti levu as compared to rain in Viti Levu and Vanua Levu that comes in the eastern zone of the island. Rainfall in Fiji in October receives an average of 134mm of rainfall and approximately 14 days of rainfall out of 31 days of October. Average recorded rainfall in two of the main cities is mentioned below for your reference:

  • Nadi -103 mm of rainfall with 9 rainy days
  • Suva – 234 mm of rainfall and 19 rainy days

Tropical Storms in October

There are very less chance of tropical storms in the month of October as South Pacific Cyclone  season falls between November and April. But keeping the history of Fiji weather, nothing can be guaranteed. Fiji has seen one of the biggest tropical storm Bebe in the year 1972.

Is it a good time to go to Fiji in October?

October is considered one of the best months to visit Fiji. There’s so much to love about travelling to Fiji at this time of year: dry weather, a cool breeze and warm temperatures. And with the islands being at their quietest, you can truly immerse yourself in all that Fiji has to offer.

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