Fiji Weather in September: Sea Temperature, Hours of Sun, Rainfall

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Fiji, the enticing islands country is the perfect place to plan a vacation if you are looking for nature’s beauty and a lot of water fun. From glimmering shiny beaches, blue water, lush greenery to exotic waterfalls, the beautiful Island country is a true delight for travelers. The tropical climate of the place adds to the beauty of place and contribute further more towards making your vacation truly a gorgeous one.

Although Fiji Islands are a travelers delight throughout the year, but the month of September brings all together a wonderful mix of climate conditions of the whole year. Fiji Weather in September is warm and comfortable with less humidity levels as compared to other months. September is one of the best months to visit here especially if you are looking for more water adventure fun. In this section we will guide you about Fiji Weather in September.

Fiji Weather in September
Fiji Weather in September

Average Temperatures in September

Average Weather in September in Fiji sees one of the best of all months as it gets a mix feel of both summer and winter season. You can experience less humid and warm temperatures in the tropical weather conditions in this month. The maximum Average Weather in September in Fiji is recorded at 27° C/ 81° F and the minimum temperature at 20° C/ 68° F during night time. Humidity levels can rise slightly during the peak day’s hours in this month. Below list shows average temperature of two main cities of Fiji Islands for your reference:

  • Nadi:  Maximum 29.4° C / 84.9° F and Minimum 19.3° C / 66.7° F
  • Suva:  Maximum 27° C/ 80.6° F and Minimum 20.9° C / 69.6° F

Sea Temperature in September

Sea Temperature in Fiji in September gets an average of 25° C/ 77° F. It is comparatively less warm than other later months but still water temperature is comfortable enough to give you a wonderful experience of water sports and activities like snorkeling, scuba diving etc.

Fiji Weather in September
Fiji Weather in September

 Hours of Sun in September

You can experience an average of 5 hours of Sun in Fiji in September. Days are long and sunny; you can enjoy an average of 12 daylight hours, pretty well enough for a day out exploration of Fiji Island.

Rainfall in September

The month of September comes under dry season of Fiji, so you can expect less rainfall. However, climate of Fiji is uncertain owing to tropical marine weather conditions, so you can get Rainfall in September at any time.  On an average 123 mm of rainfall is expected in the month of September with about 17 rainy days.

Tropical Storms in September

Here is good news for all the travelers who are planning their trip to Fiji in the month of September, there are very less chance of tropical storms in the month of September as South Pacific Cyclone season fall between November and April.

Is September a good time to go Fiji?

The best time to Fiji for clear blue skies is from May through to September. October through to April make up the wet season which is also the time of year most at risk of cyclone. However, it is also when you’re going to have the highest temperatures seen throughout the year.

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