How should you decide between visiting Fiji or Vanuatu?

How should you decide between visiting Fiji or Vanuatu?

Both Fiji and Vanuatu are full of culture and hold surprises for those who have yet to visit, but there are reasons to fly to one over the other. Fiji is home to idyllic white sandy beaches, family-friendly resorts, spectacular snorkelling and some of the warmest (and most relaxed!) people on Earth. While Vanuatu boasts isolated natural beaches, unique underwater explorations, impressive natural phenomena, equally friendly locals and immersive cultural experiences.

Is Vanuatu a good place to holiday?

Although Vanuatu is best-known as the destination for the 9th season of the long-running TV series, Survivor back in 2009, its incredible beaches, weather, and secluded islands make it a desirable tropical paradise.

What is the best time to go to Vanuatu?

Thanks to its wonderful tropical climate, Vanuatu weather is typically great all year round however conditions are generally at their best from April to October when the weather is fine and temperatures are warm yet comfortable, averaging between 18 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius.

How many days do you need in Vanuatu?

Suggested 1 Week Itinerary in Vanuatu. We would definitely recommend doing a few islands. For a week we would suggest starting with 2 nights in Efate. This island is the busiest as the capital Port Vila is here. You can explore the Mele Cascades, then take a ferry to Hideaway Island for some great snorkelling.

Can you swim in Vanuatu?

Calm, sheltered and perennially warm waters invite families to spend whole days swimming, snorkelling and lazing by the beach in Vanuatu. Here are a few of our favourite spots to swim and sunbathe with the whole family.

Is Fiji worth going to?

Fiji is best when you go out to the Islands and spend time there, as you are looking at a week there I would say it is worth it. If you give a budget range suitable places can be suggested for you. Think Fiji if worth a visit. It is important you do your research before deciding on a island/resort.

Is 2 weeks too long in Fiji?

While many families are happy to spend two weeks in the same resort in Fiji, a family who wants to see it all certainly can in two weeks.

Does Vanuatu have good beaches?

Vanuatu beaches are renowned for their soft white sand, golden sun kissed glow, fascinating coral deposits and sparkling turquoise waters ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

How long does it take to drive around Fiji island?

You can drive around in one day if you want, it is 500 KM / 310 miles – but where is the fun in that?! If you have some time, like we did, wait for some sunny days and spend a week driving around. This 7 days itinerary will provide you the must sees and many tips for cheap accommodation and great restaurants!

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