10 Most Important Travel Tips When Travelling to Fiji with Kids


Fiji is one of the best holiday destinations to travel with family and loved ones. The Island offers the best of the activities to enjoy and spend pretty good quality time with your partner and your kids. From scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing or making castles with your prince or princess on a beach, resorts in Fiji organizes plenty of activities for your little ones to have an awesome experience during their holidays. In this section we will be guiding you with Best Travel Tips for Travelling to Fiji with Children so that you can go prepared and enjoy your holidays without worrying about the safety of your kids.

Keep your travel worries at bay by following these Travel Tips When Travelling to Fiji with Kids. No matter what age group your kids fall in, from sunscreen to hotel bookings here we are jotting all what you need to know about Fiji with kids.

1. Check Out for Family Deals

Apart from the amazing holiday experience that you get, there is one more benefit that you can get while travelling with your family. There are lot of family packages and deals offered by resorts that can save a lot on your pocket. So asking for what may not be mentioned or told to you is one of the Best Travel Tips for Travelling to Fiji with Children.  Do check these family special deals before booking for your accommodation at any resort in Fiji. Many resorts do have kids’ free options or kids stay along in room options too so before booking for a full family suite do check out these options.


2. Use Gentle Insect Repellent

Every tiny detail count while you are travelling to Fiji. Don’t forget to bring along a gentle insect repellent to protect your kids from mosquitoes and insects. No matter how clean the resort or surroundings of Fiji are, the tropical climate of Fiji do have these uninvited guests everywhere.

3. Buy a Baby Mosquito Net

Carry mosquito net for baby’s cot or pram with you, it is one of the Best Travel Tips When Visiting Fiji with Toddlers. You must pack a mosquito net for covering the cot of your little one. Generally, resort rooms have these mosquito nets over the bed but it is not necessary that they will be having the net for your baby’s cot too.

4. Select Kids-Friendly Resort

Choosing a kids-friendly resort is one of the best Travel Tips When Travelling to Fiji with Kids. Fiji has a lot of fun activities to offer to your kids to spend a good time with you like kayaking, fishing and snorkeling. You must check out for resorts which have special provisions for entertaining their little guest like kids club to mingle along with other kids around or kids pool. So while your kids are having their wonderful time, you can go relax for a refreshing swim or Fiji special spas too with your partner without worrying about the safety of your kids.

Kids-Friendly Resort in Fiji
Kids-Friendly Resort in Fiji

5. Distribute Your Responsibility

A lot of things need to be looked after especially when you are travelling with your kids. Don’t be the jack of all and try distributing your responsibilities well in advance among other family members so that each member focus on his/her part of duty and there are no discomforts. Also, you will get plenty of time for yourself too by distributing these duties. So, make the most of this holiday time, share the responsibilities as per the caliber of each family member.

6.Bring Products Liked by Your Kids

Carrying stuff like interactive journals and water proof cameras can always add fun to your holidays. You can enjoy the water activities while your kids take the pride in being your photographer. Also you must carry the particular stuff that your kid is always fuzzy about because you may not find that in Fiji’s market for e.g any particular choice of any local food item or other things from your home town like some candy or may be toothpaste. Don’t let these tiny tantrums spoil the fun of your holidays.

7. Be Toilet-Ready!

Go prepared with the right stuff required for your little ones as their moods can be very tricky at times. Don’t forget to bring swim nappies or diapers along with you especially if you have booked your stay in outer islands. Though you may not require carry lot of baggage of these diapers and nappies if you are staying around Fiji’s main island as there are plenty of convenience stores and super markets to buy such stuff.

8. Bring a Child Locator

How to Protect Your Children When Travelling to Fiji? Safety of your kids takes the first priority; you must carry any kind of GPS locator for your kids like some GPS watch or any other trackers that can be attached to their bags. It’s not about thinking negative but it is about keeping your safety measures full proof, these are just one of the Best Ways to Protect Your Children When Travelling to Fiji.

9. Bring Important Medication & First Aid Kit

Though there are plenty of pharmacies and stores around the main islands of Fiji but you must carry a first aid kit and necessary general medicine (like some antibiotic cream, medicines for small cough and cold or special steroid creams for any allergy which your kid is prone to and some adhesive bandages etc.) to handle any kind of emergency in odd times.

Medication & First Aid Kit
Medication & First Aid Kit

10. Eat Healthy Food

You must stick to healthy dry fruits and snack bars to avoid any kind of stomach comfort while travelling to Fiji. Excessive intake of sugary or artificial food product might give you or your kids’ stomach pains or irregular bowel movement, so stay eat healthy and stay safe.

Enjoy your wonderful holiday and don’t forget to follow the above listed Tips for Visiting Fabulous Fiji with Kids.

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Article first published on April 28, 2020.

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