Tahiti vs Fiji: How to Choose Between Them and Right For You


Tahiti and Fiji are exceptional beauties difficult to be compared between the two. However, we understand as a tourist you need to take one decision at a time in terms of preference. Before we let you know the individual difference and attractions of these two places, remember, Tahiti Vs Fiji cannot be done as both are prominent romantic destinations. So it all depends which beauty you personally prefer to visit first.

Tourists visit Tahiti or Fiji for different and various reasons. You need to list down your reasons why you wish to visit these places and that will help you to conclude between Tahiti Vs Fiji. Refer to this small guide that has all the reasons to travel to these two gorgeous locations.


How to Choose Between Tahiti or Fiji?

The below reasons will let you decide How to Choose Between Tahiti or Fiji? No matter what you choose, both assure to offer you the best times in your holiday.

If You’re Not a Fan of Long Flights:

In case you are eager to cut short the travel distance and reach the destination first, then Tahiti would be an ideal option. Although, but are far in the ranges of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji is more distant compared to Tahiti. Tahiti from Los Angeles takes about 8 hours and 15 minutes to reach the Faa’s International Airport whereas, Fiji will take 10 hours and 45 minutes to reach Nadi International airport from LAX. This will help to decide Tahiti Vs Fiji for your travel journey.

If You’re Not a Fan of Small Planes:

Whether you get down at Tahiti or Fiji, you are expected to halt at a close-by resort on the main islands named, Tahiti and Viti Levu (Fiji). The reach to smaller islands is accessible only by prop planes. It is a 30 minute ride in Tahiti via high-speed catamaran. On the other side, Fiji will give options like speedboats, ferries, seaplane, or helicopter to fly to different islands depending on the distance and access. This is the only Difference between Tahiti and Fiji in relation to small planes.


If You Want to Sleep in an Overwater Bungalow:

People who wish to experience stay in over-water bungalows may halt at Tahiti. That’s the place where over-water bungalows were invented. Fiji deals with bures, which are traditional roof bungalows to stay. There is only one resort in Fiji, Likuliku Lagoon Resort that has an over-water bungalow but we believe it may be expensive due to no competition. Over-water bungalows offer you a different environment altogether and thus; you may want to choose Tahiti over Fiji in this scenario.

If You Like All-Inclusive Resorts:

Tourists find Tahiti expensive as nothing comes all-inclusive except for the room fare. Certain special packages only include breakfast, which will again be an expensive deal to choose. Fiji offers more of all inclusive deals that include food and stay. It is a major Difference between Tahiti and Fiji. As a tourist, I would definitely look at the bigger packages in smaller amount.

If You Want to Scuba Dive:

Both the islands offer you panoramic views of underwater diving or scuba diving. Explore serene marine life and colorful species at these islands. Although, both are known for this activity, Fiji earns more respect in terms of its coral preservations. Tahiti vs. Fiji: Which Is Right for You? Water sports lovers will surely go for Fiji as there are oodles of activities to experience.

If You Want Inland Adventure:

Considering the option on an inland adventure, both the places are excellent to explore. From waterfalls to hiking, you have everything in places like Tahiti, Bora Bora, Huahine, and Moorea in Tahiti. On the other side, Fiji is also rafting, kayaking, and exploring golf courses including championships. Considering the beauty of both the islands at times it is difficult to decide, Which is the best vacation destination between Tahiti and Fiji.

If You Love Singing and Dancing:

Foot tapping songs and drumbeats is what you will hear from Tahitians. They are brilliant in mesmerizing the audience with their melodies. We bet, you cannot stop dancing with the local crowd. Fiji is also peaceful music, traditional farewells, and enchanting Church carols. Fiji’s main dance form is the ‘meke’, which is a combination of music, singing, hand-clapping, and drum beating. Which one do you wish to explore? Tahiti vs. Fiji: Which Is Right for You? Music and dance lovers will find it difficult to choose between the two.


If You Love Traditional Rituals and Ceremonies:

In Tahiti, most tourists find it exciting to experience two core ceremonies; Polynesian wedding and the grand Hima’a earth oven feast. The feast consists of yams, pork, chicken, fish, and breadfruit. Talking about Fiji, Fijians perform many rituals and interesting ceremonies. Yaqona is a popular one that is also known as Kava. In this ceremony, the participants are seated in a circle and a coconut shell filled with Kava is passed around with lots of chanting and hand clapping. They also have Lovo feasts. Thus, Tahiti Vs Fiji can be decided on what ritual you wish to see and enjoy.

If You Want to Take a Cruise:

Tahiti is more preferable when it comes to cruising. They offer you traditional cruises to luxury cruises that sail throughout the year at different islands. For instance, Papeete takes you to Moorea, Taha’a, Bora Bora, Huahine, and Raiatea. It is purely heavenly. Fiji is not really a very prominent cruise destination. They work in a periodic manner and are not functional throughout the year. You may explore some longer duration cruises such as the Dawn Princess that sails to Fiji from Sydney in a 14 day round-trip course though not many prefer that due to the time taken in travel.

After reading this article, what do you think? Which is the best family holiday destination between Fiji and Tahiti? If you are ready with your answers it is time to pack your bags, book your tickets, reserve your hotel, and take the flight to explore the beauty of these places.

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