Travelling in Fiji: 9 Best Ways to Save Money and Spend Less for Your Holiday

How to save money in Fiji? Fiji is the best place to spend your summer holidays. You can spend days exploring the archipelago’s exquisite beaches, undersea marvels, and lushed interiors. The culture of the island makes a vacation more interesting for you and your family. Traveling overseas is found to be expensive but Fiji is not like the other destinations. It is much cheaper and if you follow the step here will find some money saving tips while visiting Fiji.

Most vacations turn out to be exhausting because they are not properly planned and even if everything is done with precision there are faults in the execution.  Here we provide you a handy guide to plan your budget-friendly vacation to Fiji. With the 9 best ways we are providing here you can save more money while traveling in Fiji.

Compare Resorts and Hotels Prices Online and Book Early

There are a variety of hotels and resorts available for accommodation in Fiji. While landing in Fiji without proper booking can land you in trouble and you might find yourself spending more on accommodation than the actual cost, looking for hotels online and comparing will help you understand the environment of the places.

There are many websites that provide you the facility to compare various hotels and resorts. Comparing the price of the booking and also checking the kinds of room available will not only save money but time as well. This is one of the best money-saving trip tips while traveling in Fiji.

Vuda Point Fiji
Vuda Point Fiji Image Source:

Avoid to Eat at Resorts (Eat at a local restaurant)

Most resorts are expensive than restaurants. Both resorts and restaurants provide the same kind of food but eating food at a local restaurant will cost you lesser than the one at the resort. Moreover, at a local restaurant, you will get more regional variety.

You can find plenty of restaurants in places like Nadi, Lautoka, Suva, etc. The menu here is starts from six Fijian dollars which is a big thing for restaurants cost you around 30 Fijian dollars for a starter dish. It is one of the smart ways to save money in Fiji.

Nadi City Centre
Nadi City Centre Image Source:

Avoid Using Credit Cards, Instead, use Local Currency

While credits cards can be easy to use the amount of tax you need to pay for making an online payment is more. Using a credit card once can charge you around 2-5 %. Not only this there are areas where you can only make a cash payment like areas around the beach and the local villages.

Therefore use Fijian dollars to avoid any kind of unnecessary problem on your vacation here. This can turn out to be the best way to save money while traveling in Fiji.

Use ATM at Once (Save Money on Withdraw Charges)

Withdrawing money in a foreign land is expensive and each time you withdraw you spend a limited amount on on-off withdraw fees. Hence it is suggested to withdraw as much as money you need and maybe a little more. Even when exchanging money you can exchange in bulk to avoid extra charges.

It won’t save you from percentage charges still but the little save on on-off withdraw fees can help you. If you follow this money saving tip while traveling in Fiji you will save more.

ATM Machine in Fiji
ATM Machine in Fiji Image Source: Loop Nauru

Luggage Weight Saving

Most airlines are strict when it comes to carrying extra luggage. You will get charged for carrying extra luggage and the cost may add the burden of your vacation trip. It is better to plan packing properly. Pack only those things which are absolutely necessary. Pack according to the vacation.

Also keeping a place for more luggage can help you to shop more without worrying about space or luggage weight. after all imported things hold a good value.

Fiji Airport Baggage Services and Enquiries
Fiji Airport Baggage Services and Enquiries Image Source: ATS Fiji

Save Money Using Different Airlines

How to travel to Fiji for cheap is one of the most important questions to think upon. As much as the right accommodation is important, flight booking also becomes necessary. The requirement is to save money while traveling to avoid any over expense.

Booking flights online provide you with certain discounts. Apart from this they also add the benefit of searching cost-saving flights. There are many websites like MakeMyTrip which compares the flight rates and provide you a long list of flights.

Fiji Airways
Fiji Airways Image Source: Alaska Airlines

Avoid Peak Season, Choose Low Season Instead

Peak seasons account for more crowd and when tourists are more, local rates are likely to increase. Traveling in low seasons is beneficial as it will provide you with more time in the same place. You can also patiently visit places. Costs of services are less in off-seasons.

Considering the low seasons which are generally March and November, you can get a great discount on holidays packages and flight rates too. This is how you can travel to Fiji for cheap.

Nadi Airport Departure Terminal 1, Fiji
Nadi Airport Departure Terminal 1, Fiji

Avoid Using Roaming Data, Instead Use WiFi

You must be worrying about how to save money on a Fiji holiday so here’s another one. Using internet services abroad can turn out to be really expensive. Data charges across the borders vary to a large extent. You will not want to spend much amount on the data. Do you? It is an unnecessary cost since most of the locations including hotels, restaurants, and local areas provide you with the Wifi service. You can even apply for a Fiji sim card. Using wifi is one of the best ways to save money while traveling in Fiji.

Free Wifi in Fiji
Free Wifi in Fiji Image Source: FBC News

Hire A Taxi Driver for the Day

Vacations are no fun if you keep changing vehicles after vehicles. Finding vehicles most of the time is a tedious job. Moreover, they are expensive. Instead of changing vehicles continuously you can opt for hiring a taxi driver. It will cost you less money and will save time too.

A taxi driver in Fiji cost you around FJ$100 per day and may vary. You will not have to stress about the vehicles and you can explore the island properly. This is how you can save money on a Fiji holiday.

Bring a fishing Rod

Always bring a collapsible fishing rod on every vacation. It cost nothing, and it is a fun thing to do for an entire family. This also saves me from getting the urge to pay for an expensive fishing charter. To Fish in the Fiji Islands you do not need a fishing license.

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