Unusual for First-Time Visitors to Fiji: 10 Surprise Things That Will Blow Your Mind

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If this is your first time visit in Fiji, then certain facts will blow your mind! The facts are surely going to increase your excitement about traveling to Fiji and know more about it.

Apart from the white sandy beaches, volcanic craters, black sands, friendly people, and water sports, there is more to know about Fiji than you would otherwise not know through any travel agency or guide. Some facts are interesting where as some may sound Unusual things about Fiji for first-time visitors.

10 Amazing Facts about Fiji that Are Must For First Time Visitors:

1. You’ll never feel so welcomed at an airport anywhere in the world:

Unlike other airports where the journey and transfers are taken entirely commercially, you will find Fiji a different world altogether. Get greeted by staff and local residents in floral shirts. They will also play the guitar for you as you pass with a broad smile to greet you and welcome you in Fiji. Now, isn’t that cute! Keep reading, there is more to the 10 Surprise things about Fiji that will blow your mind.


2. You’ll say Bula a lot:

Pronounced as ‘Boo-Lah’; it is a national greeting by the locals here in Fiji. As you travel to Fiji, if you know to speak Bula with the locals you are surely going to feel like home in Fiji. It literally means ‘Life’ and people say this often to make each other feel lively and happy. This is very thoughtful, isn’t it? Warm and friendly greetings are the rare Things that will surprise first-time visitors to Fiji.

3. Fijians are amazing with children:

People in Fiji are fond of children and you will experience it by yourself. They have all the time for children to mingle with them. Thus, you will find amazing kiddie clubs, games, and nannies at most resorts in Fiji. They are too professional and brilliant at handling kids. This is the best thing to know as most parents would want some quality time with each other, which the kids are in safe hands. These Interesting facts about Fiji will make you crazy in your journey.

4. If it’s Sunday, everyone’s in church:

Sunday is quite a spiritual and religious moment for people in Fiji. It’s a day to offer prayers and relax at home. You will find many locals dressed well to go to the Church. You may hear the melodious singing in Fijian style at these Churches which is truly mesmerizing!

Fiji Church
Fiji Church

5. Rugby is also a religion:

Don’t be surprised if suddenly the streets are filled with excitement to play Rugby. It is like a national sport for them. When Rugby happens, women and children gather with joy to watch the match, shops are closed, and the thrill is crazy in the environment just like you would experience for a World Cup in Cricket or Football.

6. Fiji really is incredibly beautiful:

Can you describe the beauty of nature in words? If not, you must visit Fiji. The sandy beaches, palm trees, fresh air, fish filled lagoons, blue waters, clear skies, and peaceful atmosphere makes up for a perfect holiday!

7. Cousins are not encouraged to speak to one another:

Don’t find it weird if you find some distance between cousins. People are strictly against inbreeding and so as the siblings grow up, they are not allowed to talk to each other. Thus, you will not find brothers and sisters socializing together very often in Fiji. Yeah, you can consider as the Weird things about Fiji but that mustn’t keep you away from its beauty and exploration.

8. You can be in two time zones at once:

Isn’t that awesome? Some parts of Fiji are scattered on the island of Taveuni, which falls in the international date structure. Thus one foot takes you to a different time zone while another takes you to its real beauty. Don’t get your reading over as there are more Interesting facts about Fiji.


9. They used to eat people:

Don’t be scared! It was in the earlier times and many parts of the world carry this reality. The archaeological scriptures and cultural objects prove that cannibal forks, war clubs, and Reverend Baker’s boots existed. As per the historical guidelines, the last act of Cannibalism happened in 1867. There are other Things that will surprise first-time visitors to Fiji. Other than the Weird things about Fiji there is more beauty to it.

10. The people are the happiest on earth:

As per the 2014 Global Poll statistics, Fijians are known to be the happiest tribes on earth. Fiji is also considered the happiest country for its strong social values and connections. The place has abundance of beauty, food, nature, clean water, and natural preserves to be less worried for. These are some of the Cool and unusual things about Fiji.

These Unusual things about Fiji for first-time visitors are great enough to keep handy or keep in mind in your visit.

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Article first published on May 18, 2020.

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