What animals can be found in Fiji?

Wildlife In Fiji That Will Astound You And Make You Revisit This Amazing Country

Fiji is a tropical paradise consisting of over 300 islands, making it a haven for flora and fauna. The archipelago’s rough mountainous terrains, tropical forests, and uninhabited islands provide the perfect environment for a diverse range of wildlife species. Although only four islands – Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Kadavu Island, and Taveuni Islands – are significantly large and inhabited, Fiji’s biodiversity is home to several indigenous flora and fauna.

Despite external encroachments, native and endemic species continue to thrive in Fiji, offering nature enthusiasts the chance to witness and experience the unique wildlife on the islands. From primitive mammals to highly evolved ferns and rare iguanas, Fiji boasts a wide variety of species to discover.

As a wildlife enthusiast, you’ll be fascinated by Fiji’s rare and unique species, making it a perfect destination for a nature-filled adventure. Explore this paradise on earth and get up close with Fiji’s wildlife, including some of the rarest species found on the planet.


With its clear waters and diverse marine life, the Fiji Islands are home to a variety of underwater creatures, including five different species of turtles. Among these, the Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Green, Pacific Ridley, and Leatherback turtles are the most well-known. If you’re planning to see a particular species of turtle during your visit to Fiji, it’s important to do some research beforehand to learn about their habitats and behaviors. To promote awareness campaigns, the Fijian word for turtle, “Vonu,” is celebrated throughout the country, with the best time to see them being from November to March.


No trip to Fiji would be complete without experiencing its rich marine life, including the many species of sharks that can be found there. From smaller reef sharks like the White Tip Reef Shark and Grey Reef Shark, to larger species such as Sicklefin Lemon, Silvertips, Bull, and Tiger Sharks, there is no shortage of shark species to observe. However, it’s important to maintain a safe distance from these sensitive animals for your own protection. If you’re interested in diving with sharks, Fiji is an ideal destination for this activity.


No wildlife tour in Fiji is complete without seeing the whales, which can be found abundantly in and around the country’s waters. Fiji is home to 15 species of cetaceans, and whales can be seen year-round. They often give birth inside the reefs, providing a unique opportunity for visitors to witness this natural phenomenon from the shore. It is important to keep a safe distance from the whales, as they are wild animals and can pose a danger to humans.


Swimming with dolphins in Fiji is a highly sought-after activity, as these social creatures are known to be very friendly. Visitors can enjoy swimming alongside dolphins in a boat, with Spinner and Bottlenose dolphins being the two most commonly found species in Fiji. Despite their shyness, both adults and children can get close to them and have a unique experience.

Tropical Fish

Fiji is home to over 1,200 different species of tropical fish, making it an ideal location for exploring these diverse creatures up close. Coral reefs provide the best opportunities for spotting various types of tropical fish, and visitors can make a list of the coral reefs they want to explore during their wildlife tour. In addition to diving and snorkeling activities, visitors can witness a variety of water animals in their natural habitat.

Fijian Monkey-Faced Flying Fox

Fiji is not only famous for its marine life but also boasts of a diverse range of land animals. One such unique species is the Fijian monkey-faced flying fox. This fruit bat is native to Fiji and comes in six different varieties. Seeing them up close is an experience worth cherishing.

Visitors can witness these fruit bats in their natural habitats while exploring the islands of Fiji. While these animals are friendly, tourists are advised to maintain a safe distance from them to avoid any unexpected incidents.


Along the coasts of Fiji, you can spot various types of domestic land animals, including mongooses. They were introduced to the island several decades ago to control invasive pests and rats.

The Bolo Snake

Are you an adventure enthusiast planning a Fiji tour to witness its diverse range of snakes? Fiji is home to several species of snakes that can be spotted in specific places. The Bolo Snake, also known as Ogmodon vitianus, is a venomous snake found only on the Viti Levu Island of Fiji. Visitors are advised to maintain a safe distance while watching this snake as it can cause harm to humans. Customize your Fiji tour itinerary to include a thrilling experience of witnessing these unique creatures up close.

Fiji Woodswallow

In addition to marine and wildlife animals, Fiji is also home to various beautiful bird species that bird lovers can enjoy. One of the most popular birds is the Fiji Woodswallow, which can be found almost everywhere in Fiji except for the Kadavu and Lau Islands. This bird has a white body and a black-tipped blue bill, and feeds mainly on insects and grasshoppers. The Fiji Woodswallow typically stays in trees with its family, and is a sight to behold for those who love birdwatching in Fiji.


The Beci bird is a rare and cute flightless bird that is found in and around Beachcomber Island, Bounty Island, and the Mamanucas. This friendly banded rail bird has brown and white stripes over its eyes, making it one of the brightest and most recognizable birds in the Fiji islands. Despite its rarity, visitors to Fiji can spot the Beci bird and enjoy its unique beauty.

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