What are the best festivals in Fiji?

Today, Fiji is a country of many cultures and influences. It was first settled by people from western Melanesia nearly 3,500 years ago, but since then people from India, China, Europe, and elsewhere. Fiji’s exceptional tapestry of cultures is revealed in the islands’ commemorations and festivals – making these events you don’t want to miss.

What are the best festivals in Fiji?

The following are the best festivals in Fiji:

Hibiscus Festival
Bula Festival
South Indian Fire Walking Festival
Fiji Day
Lautoka Sugar Festival
Friendly North Festival
New Year.

What is the most important holiday in Fiji?

Fiji Day: Fiji Day. Fiji was officially granted independence on 10 October, 1970, after several decades of British colonial rule. It is a significant milestone in the country’s history that is commemorated every year with a week of festivities and celebrations.

What holidays are celebrated in Fiji and why?

Fiji Day
Boxing Day

What is the Hibiscus festival in Fiji?

Hibiscus Festival: Fiji’s longest running festival, the Hibiscus festival was first held in 1956. Held over a week, the festival now brings Suva to a stop with entertainment, food, sport, processions, arts and dance, children’s activities and competitions.

What are the main celebrations in Fiji?

Fara (summer over December and January)
Holi (February or March)
The Fijian Crosswalk (March or April in the week leading up to Easter)
Fijian International Jazz and Blues Festival (May)
World Music Festival (June)
Bula Festival (July)
South Indian Fire Walking Festival (July or August)

What is the Bula Festival?

A week-long Bula Festival is held annually in Nadi around July or August. “Bula” means “welcome” or “hello.” The festival opens the door to visitors who are interested in Fiji’s culture. It offers a spectacular carnival in the form of floats, music, and dancing.

Is Eid a holiday in Fiji?

Fijian Muslims attend communal Eid prayers at local mosques and visit each others’ homes and give gifts of money to children during these two holidays.

Is Holi a holiday in Fiji?

Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors is a celebration held in February or March of each year, but is not designated as an official public holiday.

Is Diwali a public holiday in Fiji?

Diwali is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

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