What are the most exotic dishes of Fiji?

Fiji is a feast for all the senses with its turquoise waters, white sand beaches, lush emerald peaks and farmlands, and its warm, salt-scented sea breezes. But Fijian food is one of the most sensual experiences you’ll have.

What are the most exotic dishes of Fiji?

Fijian cuisine remains a mystery to most. Read on to uncover some of Fiji’s most mouth-watering dishes, and learn about their links to some of our favourite Southeast Asian dishes.

5 Must-try Dishes to Eat Like a Local in Fiji

  • Kokoda
  • Lovo
  • Taro
  • Nama
  • Duruka

What food is unique to Fiji?

Kokoda (Fijian raw fish salad) Source: Photo by user yuko_ppp2501 used under CC BY 2.0.
Lovo (a banquet cooked using an earth oven)
Duruka (Fijian asparagus)
Taro (a yam-like staple of Fijian cuisine)
Nama (Fijian sea grapes)
Roti (flatbread)
Topoi (Fijian dumplings)
Fish Suruwa (fish curry)

What is the most famous food in Fiji?

Ivy Yaca or Tavioka.
Fish Suruwa
Grilled mahi mahi
Cassava cake
Lovo Underground Cooking. A Fijian delicacy, Lovo is a cooking method used to prepare traditional Fijian food for large social gatherings like weddings or festivals.

What food grows in Fiji?

The important vegetables grown in Fiji are sweet potato, tomatoes, English cabbage, Chinese cabbage, French beans, long beans, cowpeas, lettuce, eggplants, cucumber, okra, pumpkin and chillies.

What famous product comes from Fiji?

Fijians produce a wide variety of exquisite handicrafts, such as carved masks, kava bowls, war clubs, woven baskets and tapa paintings (cloth made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree).

What is Fiji’s national dish?

Fiji Kokoda is considered to be the national dish and is found all over the islands. Fresh fish is abundant there and can be made with numerous types of fish. Any fresh white flesh fish is perfect for this easy to make delicious ceviche.

What is Fiji best known for?

Fiji is known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’, with the Great Astrolabe Reef surrounding its 333 islands and atolls, so an underwater adventure should be high on your to-do list when visiting Fiji. If you’re a keen diver, you can experience hundreds of different species of fish and coral.

What is Fiji’s national drink?

When in Fiji, that beverage of choice is kava. Fiji’s national drink has a long history and kava remains a big part of community celebrations in Fiji today.

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