What are the physical characteristics of Fiji?

What are the physical characteristics of Fiji?

Fiji has a complex geologic history. Based on a submerged platform of ancient formation, the Fiji islands are largely the product of volcanic action, sedimentary deposit, and formations of coral. Located 1,770 km to New Zealand’s north, Fiji is an archipelago of 522 islets and 322 volcanic islands in the South Pacific. Over 100 of the country’s islands are permanently populated, with Viti Levu encompassing approximately 57% of Fiji’s land mass.

Fiji is consist of beautiful beaches, blue lagoons, stunning sunsets, breathtaking waterfall, and thousands of streams and small rivers. It is located in the South Pacific, east of Australia and compromises of 322 islands.

What is the unique features of Fiji?

1) Fiji is composed of more than 300 islands.

Apart from a large number of islands, Fiji also has at least 500 islets. Most of Fiji’s islands and islets owe their formation to volcanic activity which began occurring in the region approximately 150,000,000 years ago.

Does Fiji have mountains?

There are 895 named mountains in Fiji. The highest and the most prominent mountain is Voma.

Is Fiji mountainous or flat?

Both islands are mountainous, with peaks up to 1,300 m (4,300 ft) rising abruptly from the shore, and covered with tropical forests.

Is there a desert in Fiji?

There are no deserts on Fiji.

Is Fiji a volcano?

Fiji has 3 Holocene volcanoes.

Is Fiji a cannibal?

Cannibalism has a long history in the Fijian islands, which were previously known as the Cannibal Islands. According to the Fiji Museum, there is archaeological evidence to suggest that the practice of consuming human flesh dates back more than 2,500 years here.

Does Fiji have flamingos?

Fiji | High Andean Flamingos.

Is Fiji bigger than Hawaii?

Both Fiji and Hawaii are archipelagos comprising more than a hundred islands. They seem to have similar geographical arrangements. Fiji is bigger than Hawaii with a total landmass of approximately 18, 274 sq km or 7,056 sq mi.

What fruit is on the flag of Fiji?

At the top of the shield, a British lion holds a cocoa pod between its paws. The first quarter is sugar cane, the second quarter is a coconut palm, the third quarter is a dove of peace, and the fourth quarter is a bunch of bananas.

Does Fiji have earthquakes or volcanoes?

Fiji is located close to the major seismic zones of the Southwest Pacific (Figure 1); the area has an instrumental history of earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 7.0.

Does Fiji have tigers?

Here, 8 different species could turn up to feed, including Tawny Nurse, White Tip, Black Tip, Grey Reef, Sicklefin Lemon, Silvertips, Bull and Tiger. And out in the open seas, you’ll see Hammerheads and more. As for the fish, Fiji is the “soft coral capital of the world” meaning there’s plenty to look for.

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