What are unique experiences not to miss in Fiji?

Located in South Pacific Ocean, Fiji Island is counted as one of the most exotic holiday destinations in the world. Enclosed with the beauty of turquoise blue ocean water, colorful marine life, coral reef and flowing lush palm trees, Fiji Island has always been an attraction amongst holiday makers, travel bloggers and honeymooners coming from all across the globe.

Make your fun filled exotic vacation of Fiji Land more resourceful by doing some of the special activities that this beautiful holiday destination offers. Continue reading our guide to make your Fiji vacation even one of the best vacations ever. Here is the list of some of these rejuvenating activities which are simply not to be missed when in Fiji Island with your loved ones for a fun filled vacation.

Robinson Crusoe Island

Located at distance of 670 km from the Chilean coast, Robinson Crusoe Island offers one of the best holiday experiences ever. The lush and untouched beauty of this lovely island offers a lot of activities with unique experiences like Trekking on the untouched path lands of Centinela Hill, Puntas de Isla and Puerto Francés, kayaking, snorkeling, coconut tree climbing, diving in the company of the friendly South American fur seals and traditional exotic food at Chalupa.

Apart from these exotic island activities, you can also enjoy Fire dancing shows and a stay at island bungalows or lodges to live the traditional Fiji Vibe.

Scuba Diving: Explore the sight of Manta Rays

If you are a water person and love to explore aquatic marine life, then this activity might interest you more. The tropical climate of Fiji Island supports the presence of Manta Rays in deep ocean waters. When in Fiji Island you can never miss Scuba Diving as you can explore the lovely sight of these magnificent aquatic species- Manta rays.

Sabeto Thermal Mud Pool & Hot Springs

Rejuvenate your body and mind in Sabeto thermal mud pool & hot springs. Located in the midway of Lautoka & Nadi on Viti Levu Islands, there are three geothermal springs, each with a different temperature. You must not miss the relaxing and rejuvenating experience of these thermal mud pool and hot springs when in Fiji as it absolutely add to the exotic and soulful appeal of  the lovely Fiji vacation.

Apart from rejuvenation of body and mind, thermal pool dip is also considered a magical skin treatment. Sabeto Thermal Mud Pool & Hot Springs is a major tourist attraction in Fiji and is a fun-filled social activity that you can enjoy with your loved ones in the company of other travelers or groups.

Fiji Shark Dive

Here is this activity for the adventurous people out there- Diving at the Fiji Shark Dive point situated in Beqa Island at Shark Reef Marine Reserve is your chance to feed your adventurous soul the right dose of excitement and thrill. And, you really don’t have to lose heart if you are an amateur swimmer or have no diving experiences. There is a team of professional who will guide you through the right measures and steps so that you can enjoy a safe and thrilling diving experience in the deep blue waters of South Pacific Ocean

Eco-friendly Adventure Park – Zip Fiji

A day well spent at Zip Line Fiji, the 35 acre Eco-friendly Adventure Park is another one activity that will make your Fiji Holiday another thrilling and exciting experience. Apart from untouched views of lush Fiji Forests and canyons, the exotic Zip Fiji offers Jungle Safari experiences, cave adventure tours, high flying adventures, 5 zip lines and 2 waterfalls where in you can spend a lovely time with your friends and family.

A one day trip to Zip Fiji is surely going to give you one of the most memorable experiences of your Fiji Vacation.

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