What does modri mean in Fijian?

What does modri mean in Fijian?

What does BOCI mean in Fiji?

Noun. boci (plural bocik) (childish or endearing) moo-cow, cow synonym ▲ Synonym: bocika. calf (a young cow) synonyms ▲ Synonyms: kisborjú, borjú

What is an lagi?

Noun. lagi. sky (atmosphere above a point) heaven.

What does tai mean in Fijian?

for grandfather

What does Lolo mean in Fijian?

FIJIAN COCONUT LOLO BUNS — Coconet Also, these special and delicious buns are boiled, not baked. They taste quite similar to Chinese steamed bao. Lolo means coconut milk or coco… Share. 4 Shares.

What does Taciqu mean in Fijian?

my younger brother

What does Lagi mean in Fijian?


What is girl in Fijian language?

English Fijian——– ——— female yalewadeath(s) mate father tama-na girl gonealewa

What is the Fijian word for love?


What does Bubu mean in Fijian?

FIJIAN grandmother

How do you say mother in Fijian?

However, that’s not always the case: in Fijian the word for mother is ‘tina’, in Kurdish (Sorani) it is ‘daik’ and in Swiss it is ‘d’Mueter’.

What does Tiko mean in Fijian?

‘ in Fijian, you can use vacava tiko? (vah-cah-vah tee-ko). In turn, you can respond with sa bulabula vinaka tiko (‘sah mm-boo-lah-mm-boo-lah vee-nack-ah tee-ko’) or simply tiko (tee-ko), which means ‘I’m well, thank you’.

What is the Fijian word for mother?


How do you say Beautiful Girl in Fijian?

If you’re trying to find the right word to describe a vibrant Fijian sunset, or charm an attractive local, you can use the word totoka (pronounced ‘toe-toe-kah’, which can mean ‘beautiful,’ ‘pretty’ or even ‘handsome’. You can also say totoka sara, which means ‘very beautiful’.

How do you say my love in Fijian?

A collection of useful phrases in Fijian, a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken mainly in Fiji.

Useful Fijian phrases.
English vaka-Viti (Fijian)
I love you Au domoni iko Au lomani iko Au loloma ni iko
Get well soon Nuitaka ni ko na vabulabula totolo
Leave me alone! Biuti au tu madaga!

How do you say mother in Fijian?

You can learn Fijian words like ‘Tinaqu’ which means ‘Mother’ or ‘Makubuqu’ which means ‘Grandchild’, and many more like this.

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