What is the elevation of Suva Fiji?

What is the elevation of Suva Fiji?

Elevation of Suva, Fiji ; Longitude · 178.450078 ; Latitude · -18.124808 ; Elevation · 43m / 141feet ; Barometric Pressure · 101KPa …

Is Fiji a low or high island?

Continent Pacific Ocean————- ————————————– Borders NoneHighest point Mount Tomanivi 1,324 metres (4,344 ft) Lowest point Pacific Ocean 0 m

Is Fiji a good place to live?

Fiji is a Pacific paradise with pristine beaches, lush locales and many vibrant places to explore. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji comprises more than 330 islands, but most expats live on the largest island, Viti Levu, which is home to the capital, Suva.

How much does it cost to live in Fiji?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,834$ (4,060FJ$) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 507$ (1,123FJ$) without rent. Cost of living in Fiji is, on average, 47.81% lower than in United States. Rent in Fiji is, on average, 67.52% lower than in United States.

Where do most expats live in Fiji?


Can foreigners buy property in Fiji?

Fiji is one of the few countries in the Pacific that allows non-Fiji citizens to own properties. The 400 odd islands that make up the Fiji group have lush vegetation and pristine waters with properties that offer a perfect home in paradise.

Is Fiji a small island?

The island group covers a land area of 18 274 km², this is about twice the size of Cyprus or slightly smaller than the US state of New Jersey.

How much does it cost to build a 2 bedroom house in Fiji?

Fijians living in rural and maritime areas can now build better and stronger homes after the Ministry of Housing launched its upgraded two bedroom house plan which is a Category 4 engineer certified plan. The cost of building the house is around $21,000.

What region of Fiji is best?

– Viti Levu. Best for urban Fiji and family-friendly resorts. … – The Mamanucas. Best for white-sand islands and surf breaks. … – Yasawas. Best for desert-island-paradise dreams. … – Vanua Levu. … – Kadavu. … – Ovalau & the Lomaiviti Group. … – Taveuni. … – Lau & Moala Groups.

Where is the best place to live in Fiji?

– Suva. Best place to live for Expats. Cost of Living: $ … – Nadi. Best place for Groups. … – Denarau. Best place to live for Digital Nomads. … – Taveuni. Best place for Nature Lovers. … – Kadavu. Best place for Adventure Seekers. … – Yasawas. Best place for Couples. … – Lautoka. Best place to Live for Island Hoppers.

What are the benefits of living in Fiji?

– Luxury At Discounted Prices. … – Families feel at home. … – Warm Greetings. … – Tropical sea shores. … – World-class rugby. … – Fresh food. … – Peace & Tranquility. … – Diversity of activities for Fiji.

Where do most people live Fiji?

Viti Levu

How many feet above sea level is Fiji?

Continent Pacific Ocean————- ————————————– Coastline 1,129 km (702 mi) Borders NoneHighest point Mount Tomanivi 1,324 metres (4,344 ft) Lowest point Pacific Ocean 0 m

Is Fiji a good place to retire?

The appeal of living in Fiji year-round goes well beyond waking up to paradise every morning. Simply put, it’s the perfect place to live, whether you retire here or just relocate to enjoy a gentler lifestyle.D

Is Fiji a large island?

Fiji is a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific, lying about 4,450 kilometres (2,765 mi) southwest of Honolulu and 1,770 km (1,100 mi) north of New Zealand. Of the 332 islands and 522 smaller islets making up the archipelago, about 106 are permanently inhabited. The total land size is 18,272 km2 (7,055 sq mi).

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