Fiji Arrival Tips: What You Should Declare When Arrives in Fiji [Best Guide]

Have you been planning to visit Fiji? We must say you are fortunate as this dream destination is still a dream to thousands of tourists. Exploring Fiji is going to be a wonderful experience for you. Although, vacationing and enjoying is on one side, there are certain rules and regulations that you are expected to follow as a tourist.

There are certain things that will be restricted and unfit to be taken while traveling to Fiji. You must know the travel guidelines to Fiji and be well-prepared for your journey to avoid any hassle.

Fiji Arrival Tips: What You Should Declare When Arrives in Fiji [Best Guide]

Everything you need to know about traveling to Fiji:

Fiji border has strict rules for visitors on luggage and items that they carry for travel. Always remember; carrying a Passenger Arrival Card is a mandate for all your Fiji flights. You may also need to give a verbal declaration at the customs as soon as you land in Fiji.

Things to be declared while arriving to Fiji:

Foods Prohibited in Fiji:

Regardless of what type of eatables you bring, you will need to declare it at the airport. There are certain foods that will be inspected and treated accordingly. Foods that are considered unfit, unhealthy, or that considers risk will be inspected and deemed unsafe. Steps will be taken to destroy it.

Foods prohibited in Fiji are:

  • Meat
  • Dairy Products
  • Honey or honeybee products
  • Eggs
  • Dried or preserved food such as fruits and vegetables
  • Dried Mushrooms and Fungi
  • Seeds of unprocessed or processed foods
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts, herbs, and spices
  • Unprepared popcorn

Plans and Plant Products Prohibited:

You must declare all plants and plant products while arriving in Fiji. Certain plants need to be treated or need special permission. There are certain plants that are strictly restricted to be taken in Fiji.

Plants prohibited in Fiji are:

  • Dried or fresh flowers
  • Things made of bamboo, rattan, cane, coconut, etc…
  • Wood related items, drums, masks, utensils, gardening tools, etc…
  • Straw, corn, plant seeds, etc…

Animal and Animal products prohibited in Fiji are:

Carrying any sort of animals such as reptiles, birds, or marine animals must also be declared at the time of arriving in Fiji. You may need to seek a permit to take imported living animals. The permission will be granted based on special cases and authorized by Biosecurity Authority of Fiji. Although animal food is not totally banned, but checking out the below restricted items will help you pack accordingly.

Animal/Animal Products Prohibited in Fiji are:

  • Uncanned meat
  • Sandwiches containing meat
  • Any type of seafood including fish
  • Sea shells
  • Any type of animal skin or animal skin products
  • Bones
  • Feathers
  • Honey and honey related products
  • Masks made up of animal fur
  • Animal hair
  • Pet Food
  • Noodles
  • Mayonnaise
  • Egg products

Camping and Sports Gear Prohibited in Fiji:

Sports related items and camping tools or equipment must be declared as some of the related items could be a carrier of pests and diseases. Although, the tourists are allowed to bring such items in Fiji but, it must be free from soil or dirt. Thus, carry well-cleaned equipment and camping items while traveling to Fiji.

Camping and Sports Items that can be Declared in Fiji are:

  • Tents
  • Used Sports Shoes/Boots and Tracking Shoes
  • Camping Tools and Equipment
  • Bicycle
  • Golf Equipment and Tools
  • Fishing Equipment and Tools such as, Rods, Reels, Nets, etc…

Biological Items Prohibited in Fiji:

You may carry certain allowed Biological Items in Fiji; however, you will still need to declare these items at the time of arriving in Fiji. Your Passenger Arrival Card states that you declare all the items that you are carrying that is related to fish/plants animals, saddle, or any other equipment related to fishing for boating. All such items come under ‘Biological specimens’.

Biological Items to be declared in Fiji:

  • Culture
  • Vaccines
  • Blood
  • Live/Dried/Preserved Insects or Fungi
  • Bee-Keeping Equipment
  • Saddle
  • Clothing and Equipment Made of Animals, Fish, or Plants
  • Soil
  • Rock
  • Earth
  • Mineral Sample
  • Tools

Other Risked Medicines and Drugs Items Prohibited in Fiji:

Any un-prescribed medicines or drugs are strictly not allowed in Fiji. Those medicines that are allowed also need doctor’s or general physician’s prescription. The prescription must be under your name or the person’s name you are traveling with.

Medicines and Drugs Products Prohibited in Fiji are:

  • Indian Hemp
  • Coccaine
  • Raw or Prepared Opium
  • Methamphetamines
  • Synthetic Drugs
  • Any other drugs mentioned in the Illicit Drugs Control Act 2004
  • Drugs or Medicines that are not prescribed by the Doctor or any Physician.

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Biosecurity Checking Point in Fiji
Biosecurity Checking Point in Fiji, Image Source:

Other Items Restricted or to be Declared in Fiji:

  • It is strictly prohibited to carry any sort of weapons or firearms. Items such as:
  • Swordsticks, forks, flick knives, and knuckle-dusters and firearms need to be declared. These will be inspected by Fiji Police on declaration.
  • Avoid carrying drones or declare it at Customs and Biosecurity. You may have to fill certain paperwork for the same.
  • Holy Water & Human Remains (Human Ash) must also be declared at the airport.
  • Personal stuff such as cosmetics, jewellery, cameras, laptops, are free of duty if you own them and declare them at the time of arriving in Fiji.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco is allowed to carry if you are 17 and above. However, you need to declare that it is for your personal use and not for sale. Check out the exact quantity allowed with the customs beforehand. You may carry not more than 200 cigarettes, 200g of cigars, and 4.5l of wine or beer, and 2.25l of hard liquor.
  • Dutiable goods as allowed too provided they are for personal use and not for sale.
  • You may carry FJ$10,000 or more in Fijian Dollars or any similar foreign currency; however you will need to fill a Border Currency Reporting Form.

Regardless of the norms and restrictions, you won’t miss a thing in Fiji. It is every restriction worth the visit for its preserved beauty. For any other queries and concerns you may contact the customs or the airport authorities of Fiji and clear your queries. We wish you happy Holidaying in Fiji. Hope you make the most of it.

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