Why is Fiji water so expensive?

The Real Reason Fiji Water Is So Expensive

FIJI Water: The Most Expensive Bottled Water?

While some people oppose the continued bottling and sale of water, it is still a lucrative business, and FIJI Water is one of the most expensive brands. Target’s website shows that a six-pack of Poland Springs costs $3.19, while a six-pack of San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water costs $6.39. Smartwater, which offers “vapor distilled water and electrolytes for taste,” costs $6.49 for a six-pack. In contrast, FIJI Natural Artesian Water charges $7.19 for the same amount of liquid.

FIJI Water’s economic power was so great that in 2010, it could threaten the government of the country from which it gets its name. Instead of allowing the government to increase the tax on their bottled waters from a third of a Fiji cent to fifteen Fiji cents, it threatened to close the factory.

The question is, why is FIJI Water so expensive, considering that it is just privatized water?

FIJI is designed to be expensive

FIJI Water is marketed as a high-end luxury item, and its expensive price tag is a reflection of this branding strategy. Shipping costs are one reason that FIJI Water is so pricey. As per The Wall Street Journal, transporting water from Fiji to other parts of the world is an expensive endeavor.

FIJI water is artesian water, which is sourced from a natural underground aquifer. This type of water is naturally filtered, which gives it a distinct mineral profile. This, along with the packaging design, is another reason for its high price. According to Money Inc, many consumers associate higher prices with better quality and are willing to pay more for that perception.

FIJI Water’s luxury image is further boosted by its distribution strategy, which emphasizes placement in high-end establishments such as restaurants and resorts. This creates a perception of exclusivity and scarcity, further increasing demand and allowing FIJI Water to charge premium prices. In short, FIJI Water is expensive because that is the entire point of its marketing strategy.

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